Let's talk about how having video on your website is going to help your business grow. People aren't spending the kind of time you're hoping for on your site. They pop in really quick take a look around and if they don't like what they see, or they don't get the information they're looking for right away they move on. Think about the last time you were doing a little research on a product or service. Did you look up or watch any videos? If you visited a website with video that seemed relevant to your search, did you watch it? Now if you answered yes to any of those questions let me ask you another. Did you completely skip any written articles? 
I know that when I'm looking for some info I just don't feel like reading through pages of text to find what I'm looking for, but you'd better believe that I'd watch a video on it. The fact is people love watching video. It's not a secret that given the choice customers would prefer watching an informational video rather then reading page of text, and If we're not willing to embrace that and stay ahead of the curve then others who are in the same space vying for the same eyeballs on their content are going to blow right past us.

How adding video to your website Will help your business:

Adding Video for websites helps your site look better for search.

Adding Video for websites helps your site look better for search.

Better Positioning in Search Results

If you're using video on your website then chances are not only are people paying attention, but the search engines are too. Did you know that having video on your website can have a significant affect on how your website ranks in search results? Even if just for the fact that having video on your website will make visitors stick around longer. That's just awesome!

video builds trust with customers

Having video builds confidence

People are more likely to buy from a website with a high quality professional video. This is a proven way to help build trust with your clients or customers. A high quality video made introducing your business to customers will give customers the confidence to reach out and do business with you. Let customers meet you and your team so they know who they're doing business with.

Video Educates customers

Better Way To Educate Your Customers

Having an informational video on your site is going educate your customers about your product or services. Rather then having a detailed written explanation, a video is going to pull the viewer in and show them. This is especially useful when dealing with difficult explanations. Having an animation or explainer video on your site is going to prove really effective at educating your potential customers, so you can land new business.

Making the right decisions about your business

There's more that can be said of the benefits for working with the right video production agency, on adding some video content to your website, but now you know some real world examples of how you can start benefiting right away. 
You can always find out more about producing a video for your website by reaching out to speak with us today.