Here we are, the moment of truth, the moment when we throw caution to the wind, we put all our cards on the table, and any other Cliché that fits. We've always thought of ourselves as being determined. Determined to not let our fears dictate our lives. We've had our struggles like anyone else, but instead of letting it bring us down, we've decided to allow it to fuel our passion.

So that brings us to this moment. We bring you Artists In Motion Productions. Our dream to bring the passion of video, and storytelling to the world. We have big plans, and we hope that you will embrace us and allow us to show you how great we know we are. We may be a new company, but we have been working and learning, and passionate about video for many years. Our team, with a combined 20 years in the field, have the talent, vision, and dedication to get the job done no matter what it takes.

We plan on setting ourselves apart from the competition by providing a killer work ethic, superior quality, and unbeatable pricing. I hope you will all grow to love what we have created as much as I do. So we bring you Artists In Motion.