For a long time we've talked about owning our own business. At first, we would just joke about silly businesses that we would open. However as we got older we started to notice that our jobs were becoming less fulfilling, if they ever were to begin with. We started to talk more seriously about being our own bosses.

Lenny has always been working in the creative field, either for personal or professional, for as long as we've known each other. He loves music, photography and video. He is a color expert, by the way, and I love that he can tell me how much cyan, or magenta is in a clothing item I own. Even though I use to hate when he would correct me if I said something was purple, he would say it was whatever pantone color it was. I love that he has that knowledge. I'm veering a little...

So when the "being our own bosses" subject came up it suddenly seemed clear that we should go for something that is a passion. We love movies and film. When YouTube started it opened a whole new avenue for people like us. At first Lenny just enjoyed playing around making videos. After awhile he realized how much he enjoyed it, production it is.

Seemed like an easy decision to make. Anyone that knows us, surely knows they can see a chunk of our lives on YouTube. We have a passion and want nothing more then to share creativity with the world. Stay tuned because we will always strive to excel anyones expectations.