We're going to talk about an easy way to get started using video in your digital content marketing just like millions of people are already doing. Marketing has really changed over the past few years. Gone are the days that a newspaper add or radio spot alone are gonna cut it. Social media, blogging, YouTube, should all be playing an important roll in your marketing.

Video is one of the best ways to get started marketing yourself. We could go over the many ways that audiences connect with video over reading just text, but the bottom line is that people share videos 1200% more then just plain text. That's a statistic that's just too high to ignore. You want to spread the word about who you are and what you do? Making a video is one of the best ways to do that.

The idea here isn't to become the next YouTube star so view counts aren't necessarily a good measure of a successful video marketing campaign. Look at it this way if you upload your video to YouTube, or Vimeo it can stay there for years, so let's say your a photographer showcasing your work with a video slideshow. How much is a new client worth to your business? Investing a small amount in a targeted video can pay for itself and during its life it will have unlimited earnings potential! That just makes good financial sense. 

Here's some ways you can use a marketing video to connect with your audience and start pulling in new leads.


The goal here is simple, post this up on Facebook, on your business page, and let your work speak for itself. Let all of your fans and potential customers see who you are and what you do. Remember people engage and share video way more then text and pictures, so this is a great way to get people to share with others that may be interested in what you do. You could also consider running a boost campaign to reach new people that fit the criteria of your ideal client. 


Instagram allows you to post video directly so people don't have to leave the app to see your video. You can have short videos cut to upload directly to Instagram. Do a little research and find out what your ideal clients are searching for and make a list of the relevant hashtags that will put your content up in front of the right people.


Twitter is an excellent way to share your video and help people to see a little bit more about you. You could pin the tweet on your active company account so that the first thing that people see when they visit your page is a video that explains who you are and help you connect with people in a meaningful way that generates interest and drives traffic to your site. 

Email Newsletter:

This is one of my favorites. You have no doubt had the opportunity to meet and connect with some really great and interesting people since going in to business. Why send out a typical email that comes off as a pitch. Why not send out a newsletter using a service like Mailchimp. You can put together a really pleasing design that shares information that's valuable to people. Makes them want to keep in touch. One of your newsletters can have a link to your video that shows people first hand what they'd be getting when they hire you.


If you're not aware. Having a blog on your site is one of the most beneficial things you can do to help your site grow. Having a blog will help for SEO, it can drive traffic into your site and it can establish you as an authority in your field. All of these are great things especially when your trying to grow a new company. Making a video and including it in a blog post will give you content to share and discuss in your blog. Make it focal point. Talk about what went into making it, and the message you are hoping to share.


People will connect with your video. They'll remember you, and maybe they don't need you or your service right now, but I'll tell you what...

Make a kick ass video and they'll remember you above the guy who didn't ;-) 

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