Its small business week! I wanted to take this moment to get a little personal. It's easy to tell you about the great work we do and why you should choose to do business with us, but I wanted to share a little about who we are.

My name is Lenny, I was lucky enough to find my soulmate Colleen, when I was 19. I know that's young but hey, all I can say is that when you know... you know. This month we'll be married for 9 years and in June we will celebrate our 17th anniversary as couple. We had a wonderful youth, we had a lot of adventures and made a lot of really great friends. We lived an ordinary, happy life. 

While Colleen and I have been living happily together for many years we've felt as if there's been one thing missing to complete our lives. We decided that it was time to start a family. This didn't quite go the way that we had hoped, month after agonizing month was the same story. It felt as if time was slipping away and as we watched everyone effortlessly have kids. 

We thought that it would be so easy. I mean that's how your life is supposed to fall in line: Marriage, House, Baby. We did everything right, we had so much love to give, we are each other's best friends. After couple months and nothing was happening, we both realized that this might take a little longer than we thought it would.

After six months and no baby, Colleen spoke to her doctor. Six more months turned into a year, then two and three years. During this time all of our friends were dropping pregnancy announcements left and right and there we were, watching silently from the sidelines, being genuinely happy but, trying to hide the sadness deep inside. We watched as those babies grew into kids and our friends grew from families of 2 to families of 5 and all the while we smiled. I could see Colleen shatter inside every time someone would ask: Don't you want kids? When are you going to have kids? A baby would make the holidays better! Etc. I still wonder if anyone ever picked up on the quiet sadness behind her smiles when people would say those things. 

We pulled ourselves back and kept from venturing out to often to any of their houses. We shut ourselves out and we didn't even notice. The winters in New Jersey seemed to get colder every year, more snow every year. In the winter of 2011 we knew something had to give. All the things that once felt so right, were suddenly all wrong. Our jobs, our house, our life. So we ran away, ok not really but, we decided to pick up our life and move to California. 

We moved in January of 2012 and started fresh. We got new jobs, new doctors, A New Hope. We travelled down the infertility road again, hormone treatments and IUI's, only to be defeated at every turn. The hormones started to wear on Colleen, hot flashes, migraines and visual disturbances. After the second failed IUI we decided that we had gone as far as we could mentally and physically. What do we do now? Do we just reside ourselves to being childless and carry on? Our desire was to great, so we chose to move forward and start looking into adoption.

We knew that we had been on a long journey, but we had no idea it would bring us here. After getting to talk with other couples that where in our position we just knew that adoption was our path. So naturally with our final turn, our last hope, we give it our all. To try and offset the high cost of adoption we began a crowdfunding campaign. Working in video production made it easy to put a video together to tell our story.


We are putting all of our chips on the table here. Along with the adoption, this year we took the big leap into opening our own business. This is the birth of Artists In Motion Productions. This is our video production company. Born out of a driving force to not give up on our dreams. We are working for ourselves, as a family, and making our dreams come true. So I do hope that you will think about supporting our business and let us make an amazing video for you. I promise that we will put the same love and care into your work as we do into our family.