In case you're wondering how on earth your video producer comes up with the cost for your video to be made, I assure you there is a process and we don't pull the number out of a hat (I apologize for my attempt at humor)  Lets take a look at some of the most common items that go into making a video and how it will affect your budget. One thing to note is these prices reflect the current market rates for average sized production companies, and the following numbers don't reflect our prices. We are taking a look at sample budget below for an average video.

video production creative concept


You know you need a new video but you're not sure about your concept and you need something created. Well then you might need your video producer to give you a concept, story board or script. You might be able to save here if you supply your own script or story board.

$200- $500

Project Management:

Let's face it every business has administration. Video production is no different. Maybe you can share the responsibilities, but either way there's logistics and management needed so expect that it won't be free

$150- $350

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Film Crew:

Lets keep this simple and say 1 camera operator complete with the lighting kit and basic audio recording capabilities. 1 Full day shoot


Studio Space:

Will the video be shot at your location? If not there's some cost associated with renting or use of studio space or shooting location. The cost can vary depending on what it is you're shooting but if you have a space that can be used for shooting then you can save a bit here as well.


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On Camera Talent:

Who will be in the video? Many times this can just be a speaker at a live event, but if you are looking to shoot a marketing video that will need actors then this will be an additional cost. You can save some money if you can provide some on camera talent, however not everyone is good on camera so make sure that if you decide to be in the video that you are comfortable with public speaking or viewers might focus on you delivering your lines rather then your message. These prices reflect basic low cost non union actors



Once everything is shot the job will pass over to the folks responsible for "fixing it in post" This cost can usually be calculated hourly or as a day rate depending on the project and production company. If everything is shot and organized well the right team can streamline a process and help get things done efficiently. If purchasing a whole package including production you should be able to see some savings as well.

$300 - $500

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Animation & Motion Graphics:

Sometimes you need some nice graphics to help illustrate things in your video. Maybe some info graphics or perhaps you need full 3D animation. Either way adding some motion graphics will add a professional look to your video, but expect to pay for real high end graphics.


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Some people don't give this much thought, but knowing what approach you want to take with your music will help you with your budget. Just because you like that new 21 Pilots song doesn't mean that you can pop it into your video. There is copyright to think of. So unless you want to play your video in silence unfortunately there are licensing fees associated with adding music to your video. This price is based on some regular stock audio available from royalty free sites.


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Voice Over:

Lets say there is no live action in your video. You want to have motion graphics explaining how your product works. Well you might need some voice over talent. This can range obviously depending on the amount of audio needed, and the level of professional required. This price is based on a basic voice over for a short video.

 $50- $200

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Stock Imagery:

Same thing as with the music. Images require licensing fees. These are based on using a basic stock images site for your photos and graphics.

$200- $300

 If you've been keeping track then you know you might expect to pay somewhere between

$2,075- $4,700

These are just general estimates of what you might expect to pay from a medium sized production house if you are needing all of the items on this list. Hopefully this helps you to get an idea of everything that goes into a production. If you'd like some more info on how we might be able to serve you and keep within your budget reach out for a free video production quote today.