I really want everyone to experience our adventure through entrepreneurship. So I need to bring you back and I mean way back in time to 2001. Why are we going back to 2001? Well, that's where Artists in Motion started. I could go back further to when I first met my husband/business partner, but that is not all that relevant at this particular moment.

The summer of 2001 Lenny moved in to a second floor apartment in North Plainfield, New Jersey. Our friends, Vinnie and Paul and Paul's girlfriend were moving in together and they had an extra room. Lenny rented the room for the summer. The music was everlasting that summer. So many nights that turned into mornings, road trips and good times. Somewhere in the chaos, Artists In Motion (aim) was born simply for the love of music. I loved that summer, it was really and truly the last summer that was carefree. We were all still living as if we had unlimited tomorrows, drinking in our youth and relishing every moment of it. I quit smoking that Labor day weekend. 

As expected, it ended and with a heartbreaking and world changing bang. Lenny went back to his mothers house to finish college. Vinnie and Paul stayed at the North Plainfield apartment. Someone took over Lenny's room. I transferred to a different job, closer to the Hudson, with a spectacular view of Manhattan. It was my second day in the new store when 9/11 happened, and just like that we were suddenly aware that we had a finite number of tomorrows. Legally we had all been adults for sometime but, watching those planes crash, smelling the smokes in the town I grew up in, 30 miles outside Manhattan, it changed me. It changed us... 

We started to get A.I.M going, we threw a handful of weekly parties for a month or two. We lost the energy to keep it up plus life was always moving forward. A year after 9/11 Lenny and I moved in together and that alone brought a new list of challenges. We didn't see Vinnie much anymore. He moved to upstate New York and we were living in Toms River, New Jersey. Lenny would still DJ at parties here and there but, they were always out of state. 

In the fall of 2003, our friend and fellow DJ, Jeremy presented us with an opportunity to host a weekly event and the best part would be that is was a local bar. We were stoked. So Lenny and Jeremy sat down and had decided they would host the event under Artists in Motion and they would call it Local Broadcast. I remember sitting down at the table with them, enjoying adult beverages and looking over logos and names. We had a renewed energy. Local Broadcast was a success, it was every Thursday and it was fun. We reconnected to old faces and became friends with new faces. We have some really great memories from there. After several months hosting the event, working full time jobs and living life, we started to burn out. So we changed it up to bi-weekly and it became more manageable. We lived Local Broadcast for about a year. During that time our friend Derek got more involved with A.I.M, and even Vinnie came down from upstate a couple of times to play. Eventually the owner sold the bar and Local Broadcast ended.

Luckily for us our friend Nick presented another opportunity to host a monthly in Asbury Park. Everything was coming full circle. Asbury was where Lenny and I met several years before. There was a local club that hosted a weekly event. It was in those dark streets and abandoned buildings that music came alive and we were wild and free. By time we started hosting our own parties, the club we had met in had already been demolished and was destined to become a parking lot.

We called our monthly Kinky & Dirty and it was very successful. We had DJ's from all over. The monthly went from 2005-2006, before we decided to move on. 2008 was the last year we did any event. Artists in Motion was over. 

Fast forward to 2016. Lenny and I uprooted our life in order claim our version of the American Dream. We moved to California and settled down in Long Beach and we were content. We were not fulfilled with content we had a desire and a drive to be our own bosses so that we could be stay at home parents. When we started tossing business names around, I brought up Artists in Motion. Why not go with a name we could trust? A name we already loved? So 8 years later we revived Artists in Motion. As we grow we plan on featuring all aspects of the definition of the word "art" and we hope you enjoy our video production work.